18:00 PM

Perspective: We Value Our Communities

In this issue, you’ll read about some amazing young people headed to Washington D.C. on a leadership journey. Hearing the vision our Washington Youth Tour delegates have for the future of our community fills me with optimism. These young leaders are serving their communities focused on how that impact will improve the world around them, not themselves.

Their leadership makes me think about the vision that led to the creation of this cooperative. This company was founded to improve our community. We’ve never lost sight of that.

We have six value statements that guide our business decisions; one of those is “involvement in our communities.” It’s part of who we are and what we’re about. It’s important to us. And, it’s important to you; a strong community is important to everyone.

When it comes to serving our communities, we're not standing on the sidelines; we're in the game. We participate. Each of our district offices has a partnership with a local school to help out with everything from field day to mentoring. For 47 years we’ve hosted an annual Quality Beef Show for young people. New last year, we started funding teacher’s innovative classroom ideas, more than $50,000 worth. Jackson EMC welcomes new businesses to the area as members of all the local chambers of commerce, and we serve on volunteer community support groups.

There’s a reason we support these programs—doing good in the community is good for everyone. We strive to be servant leaders both inside this company and outside in the community we serve. It’s hard to keep track of how many employees decide to serve in civic clubs, on economic development authorities and on charitable boards. A great number of our employees also serve as coaches and Girl Scout leaders and mentors and volunteers for other organizations making impacts in our communities.

Our employees become involved in delivering meals to seniors and the disabled, organizing blood drives, raising money for Relay for Life and March of Dimes—we attract that kind of person because that’s the kind of company we are.

The four kids headed to Washington D.C. are our members of tomorrow. This program is an opportunity for us to invest in these future leaders. (State Representative Terry England was once a Jackson EMC youth tour delegate.) I am proud of the hard work our delegates invest in their communities. I am thankful to work at a cooperative that is invested in the success of these students and every member of our community.

Do we have an employee coaching your team or leading your civic group that deserves recognition? Send me an email at [email protected].