Our Perspective

Chip Jakins leads Jackson EMC as president and CEO. He’s served our co-op since May of 2014, but has worked in the industry his entire career.

With more than 20 years of experience in the power industry, Chip has a unique perspective on a wide range of issues affecting cooperative members.

Active in various EMC organizations, Chip serves on Georgia EMC’s Executive Committee, Economic Development Committee and Workers Compensation Fund Executive Committee. He is a director/alternate director of Oglethorpe Power Corporation, Georgia Transmission Corporation, Georgia System Operations Corporation, Georgia EMC and Green Power EMC.

Chip holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Mississippi State University. In 2012, he completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard University.

Each month, Jakins publishes his thoughts about various topics in a column for Jackson EMC members. This is his Perspective.

Jackie Kennedy has worked with Georgia’s electric membership corporations (EMCs) for 23 years, producing newsletters, press releases and newspaper/magazine articles about electric cooperative or energy-related matters. She has written four books chronicling the history of individual cooperatives to commemorate their 75th anniversary, including People, Power, Progress: The Story of Jackson EMC, published in 2013.

In this blog, Kennedy will grapple with a variety of energy efficiency topics. She’ll consider which window treatments keep the house cooler in summer, compare new appliances for energy savings, and calculate lumens used in the newest lightbulbs. She’ll pester her nephews who run a heating and air business for top tips of their trade.

As a rule, Kennedy keeps her thermostat set at 78 in the summer, the industry standard for energy efficiency. In the winter she fudges, turning the dial to 72 rather than the prescribed 68. She has thin blood.