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Plan Your Energy Saving Game With Our Energy Playbook

No coach worth his salt steps onto the field or court without a playbook. Just as a sports team makes the best plays by planning before each game, electricity consumers can save energy and money by planning ahead.

Let Jackson EMC be your energy coach. Use our online playbook to learn how to use energy more wisely—and save money.

It’s easy to save by using the tips at jacksonemc.com/playbook where easy no-cost and low-cost ways to save energy are shared. No-cost solutions, like setting your thermostat to 68 degrees in the winter, can lead to ample savings. Low-cost moves, like replacing outdated incandescent lightbulbs with CFL or LED bulbs can save you up to $300 a year on your power bill.

At jacksonemc.com/playbook, you’ll find all the tools and resources you need to make an energy game plan that’s sure to be a winner. Here are just a few of our dozens of energy-saving tips to get you started: