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Play It Safe Around Electricity

Spring is in the air and in just a few weeks, the kids will be out of school, playing in the yard and rollicking through the house. Since May is Electrical Safety Month, we encourage you to be mindful of the dangers of electricity and to share electrical safety tips with your children.


Electrical Outlets. Did you know that more than 1,000 children are treated in hospitals annually for injuries that result from inserting metal objects, like keys or bobby pins, into an electrical outlet? Electric shock may occur, resulting in burned hands and/or fingers. Plastic outlet protectors are made to fit into the outlet, but nimble-fingered toddlers can pry them loose. A safer bet is to invest in electrical outlets designed to remain closed until a plug is inserted or electrical outlet covers with faces that swivel or slide over the outlet holes.

Extension Cords. For electric and extension cords without safety closures, cover the unused outlets with electrical tape or outlet protectors to prevent children from coming in contact with the live circuit. Also, keep loose cords out of children’s reach; they run the risk of strangling themselves in loose cords or being seriously burned or electrocuted from chewing on cords.


Flying Kites. Make sure your kite has a dry, non-metallic string. Always fly kites in open areas, away from power lines and busy streets. If by chance a kite does get snagged in a tree or power line, let it go. DO NOT try to pull it loose or climb up to retrieve it; call Jackson EMC instead.

Keep Away. Stay away from substation fences, utility poles or electrical equipment. Substations are fenced with locked gates because the high-voltage equipment inside is extremely dangerous.

Climbing Trees. Don’t climb trees near electrical wires. Live wires could be touching tree limbs, posing a risk of electrocution to kids climbing trees.

For more electrical safety tips, visit www.jacksonemc.com/home-safety or contact your Jackson EMC office.