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The "Your Power. Your Community." podcast shines a spotlight on the incredible stories of community transformation through the power of cooperation. 

Brought to you by Jackson EMC, a member-owned cooperative that believes in making a difference in the community we serve. As a cooperative, Jackson EMC embraces the core principles shared by co-ops around the world. One of those principles is “Concern for Community.” 

Episode 1:  Bright Ideas

Andrew Cox, a teacher at Twin Rivers Middle School, talks about the impact of his Bright Ideas grants on students.

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Episode 2: Washington Youth Tour

Jillian Vacha, a student at North Gwinnett High School, talks about her experience on the Washington Youth Tour.

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Episode 3: Gwinnett County Public Library

Duffie Dixon, Director of Marketing and Communications of Gwinnett County Public Library, talks about the impact of Operation Round Up grants awarded through the Jackson EMC Foundation.

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Episode 4: Apply for Jackson EMC Foundation Grants

Lori Worley of the Jackson EMC Foundation shares how organizations and individuals can apply for an Operation Round Up grant.

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Episode 5: Mending the Gap

Mending the Gap is a Gwinnett County nonprofit that provides services, programs and activities for low-income senior citizens. The Jackson EMC Foundation has given the organization several grants for its “Save Our Seniors” program, which distributes food and personal care items weekly to seniors who are struggling to manage independently. Fay Josephs, founder and director of Mending the Gap, shares the impact of the Jackson EMC Foundation grants on Mending the Gap.

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Episode 6: GHSA Cooperative Sportsmanship Spirit Award

Dr. Jason Lane, principal of Mill Creek High School, talks about the school's culture of SOAR (Strive to Overachieve through Accountability and Respect) in academics and athletics. Mill Creek High School received a GHSA Cooperative Sportsmanship Spirit Award in 2022.

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