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Prepare for severe weather with our online Storm Center

When it comes to assistance before, during and after severe weather, Jackson EMC has you covered with our online Storm Center.

At Jacksonemc.com/storm, a wealth of resources is at your fingertips, including tips on preparing for bad weather and measures to take after the storm. When bad weather does strike, the site is updated with up-to-the-minute information about the severity of the storm and Jackson EMC’s progress in restoring power.

Whether you’re on your desktop or laptop computer, cellphone or tablet, vital information is within your immediate reach.

Preparing for a storm: Your online Storm Center is full of worthwhile tips to help you prepare for a bad weather event. Some of our tips are simply reminders of age-old information you already may know, like stocking up on bottled water, nonperishable food and medications. Most likely you already know it’s a good idea to fill your bathtub with water so you can flush toilets if the power goes out. But did you know that it’s best before a storm to dial your refrigerator control to the coldest setting? Then if the power does go out, the food in your fridge will keep fresh longer.

Report outages: Whether or not there’s a storm, you can report outages online, day or night. You can also report security or street light outages online from the Storm Center.

Outage Map: Out of town and concerned about the storm at home? View our online outage map to see exactly where the outages are in your neighborhood. The map is updated in real time to show the status of Jackson EMC’s power restoration.

Power restoration: To see how Jackson EMC line crews restore power, view the detailed graphics at the online Storm Center.

After the storm: It’s equally important to know what to do after a severe storm. Tune in to your local radio station to hear related weather reports and updates from Jackson EMC about which areas were affected and how power restoration is progressing. While the power is out, don’t be tempted to burn charcoal or run gasoline-powered equipment indoors; the carbon monoxide produced is a poisonous gas that could be deadly. If you use candles for lighting while the electricity is out, be sure to avoid fire by keeping them far removed from furniture, draperies and similar flammable materials.

View jacksonemc.com/storm for more tips on what to do before and after the storm, and visit this online Storm Center for the latest Jackson EMC news when storms strike.