09:03 AM

PrePay Gives You More Control Over Your Account

Want to make smaller, but frequent, payments to your account?

PrePay is a new payment option for Jackson EMC members that helps you manage your account – all without deposits, late fees or disconnect fees. You’ll replace your monthly bill and will recharge your account with any amount you choose, anytime from anywhere. 

With PrePay, you pay for electricity before you use it, which gives you more control over your account.

How PrePay Works:

1. You put money in your account in advance of electricity use. 
2. Every day, we calculate the amount of the energy you use and subtract that amount from your balance. 
3. When your account balance gets low, we send you an alert to let you know it’s time to add more money to your account to avoid a service interruption. 

You can stay on top of your account balance with your MyJacksonEMC account on the website or mobile app. You can also make payments 24/7 via phone or at payment kiosks in our local offices.

To learn more about PrePay, visit jacksonemc.com/prepay.