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Protect Your Electronic Investment: Surge Protection Program

In 2013, Georgia homeowners filed more insurance claims for losses caused by lightning than any other state, according to data collected by the U.S. Insurance Institute. They estimate lightning strikes cost about $674 million in damage for American homeowners each year.

Electrical currents are created in clouds as cold water droplets collide. The electricity that builds up in the cloud escapes as one of three types of lightning – two of which occur among clouds – and a third that strikes Earth: cloud to ground. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates about 25 million lightning strikes hit the ground each year. When lightning hits the ground it can enter homes through electrical cabling and introduce dangerous energy surges into equipment connected to the system.

To keep electronics safe, high-quality surge protectors are a good idea, in fact Jackson EMC offers them. Single outlet protectors are available for $17 and are equipped with a variety of other features, including modem and coaxial protection. An eight-socket strip is available for $88.

Protection for motor-driven appliances offered through Jackson EMC is changing. Current customers have equipment installed at the meter base; that equipment was checked when meters were read. With the upgrade to smart meters, which are read remotely, we no longer have employees at your home each month. Our new surge protection program provides customers with the same protection against surges, but without equipment to maintain. Surge protection for motor-driven appliances, such as HVAC units, refrigerators, garage door openers and water heaters, is now available through Surge HELP.® Fees for this protection can be added to your monthly bill with annual coverage starting at $5.75 a month for $2,000 worth of coverage.

More information about Jackson EMC’s surge protection program is available at www.jacksonemc.com/surge.