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Providing Electricity to Impoverished Areas

Photo of Chris Garrish, Tim Sweat, and Rodney Chandler.
Jackson EMC’s team (L-R), Chris Garrish, engineer; Tim Sweat, job training and safety director and Rodney Chandler, building maintenance supervisor. Not pictured: Chip Jakins, president/CEO; Greg Keith, vice president of finance and accounting; and Randy Dellinger, district manager. Terry Ward, Habersham EMC also shot on the team

Life without electricity is a reality in extremely remote, rural communities and third world countries, which is why Jackson EMC and other Georgia electric cooperatives participate in Take Aim at Progress. The charity sporting clay shoot raises money for National Rural Electric Cooperative Association’s (NRECA) International Foundation, which sends volunteers to build power lines for rural communities in impoverished countries.

“Jackson EMC employees have participated in Take Aim for at least the past five years,” said Tim Sweat, job training and safety director. “When you can partake in an activity that provides electricity to those without it, an activity that helps those less fortunate, while combining it with one of your hobbies, that’s a win-win for everyone, and that’s why we contribute to the program.”

This year 300 shooters on 52 teams took part in the daylong event at Cherokee Rose in Griffin. After all team members fired their 100 shots and were scored, the Jackson EMC team finished eighth.

“Naturally the competition is rewarding when your team does well, but that’s not what it’s about,” added Sweat. “Our professional lives revolve around power poles and electricity, and as a cooperative, we want everyone to have electricity and there’s great pride in providing it to those without it.”

The Take Aim at Progress program’s goal is to extend power to villages and other rural communities that have never seen a light bulb or had refrigeration for food and medicine until everyone has electricity. To learn more about Take Aim at Progress, visit http://takeaimatprogress.com/.