09:52 AM

Right Choice Homes Offer Comfort, Savings

When it comes to buying a new home, location matters. But, if you’re in the search for a new home, are you also considering energy efficiency?

For any home, heating and cooling are typically 42% of the energy consumption, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

Jackson EMC’s Right ChoiceTM homes program makes it easier for homeowners to ensure their new home will be comfortable and energy efficient. In fact, Right Choice homes come with a one-year comfort warranty and a three-year energy use warranty.

In addition, each Right Choice Home is: 

  • Designed by engineers to calculate properly sized heating and air conditioning equipment designed to achieve maximum efficiency.
  • Tested for home performance to ensure energy efficient construction.
  • Given Jackson EMC’s energy advantage rate, which saves homeowners approximately 5% on their annual energy bill for the life of the home.

With a Right Choice home, a homeowner could save $120 per year on their energy bill if their average monthly bill is $200.

Ask your Jackson EMC representative for complete warranty terms and conditions. Learn more at jacksonemc.com/rightchoice.