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Awesome Happens In A Right Choice Home

Awesome happens in a right choice home“When we got our first electric bill I thought it must’ve been for a partial month; it was so low,” Leo Cortjens said about his Right Choice home in Hall County’s Cresswind community. “The next month it was the same. Our bill is easily a third of what we used to pay, and we don’t do anything different. I was amazed – I really was amazed.”

Robert Akin, says Right Choice is a perfect fit for developers, builders, and homeowners. Akin is the key contact for the booming developments in Hall County when builders work with Jackson EMC to have them certified as Right Choice Homes, ensuring the future homeowner will be comfortable at home and enjoy low electricity rates for years to come. “We pride ourselves in putting our members first, and this program was designed with that in mind; providing our members with a home that is so comfortable and energy efficient it comes with two warranties and our lowest residential rate,” he said.

Right Choice homes are energy efficient homes that meet the needs of our community. All ten counties served by Jackson EMC use the exclusive Right Choice program, which guarantees lower energy consumption and comfort. However, Hall and Barrow counties have seen the greatest residential growth recently. Barrow County is among the top 60 fastest growing counties in the nation, with the town of Braselton as the seventh fastest-growing community in the state.

Hall County’s Mundy Mill and Cresswind communities are selling homes faster than anywhere else in Georgia. Mundy Mill will have 2,200 homes when completed; Cresswind will have 1,100 homes. Both subdivisions partner with Jackson EMC to build Right Choice Homes.

Bob Radamacher, regional president of Kolter Homes and the developer of the Cresswind community, said, Cresswind sells more than 100 homes a year. “It’s a very good partnership for Cresswind and Kolter Homes, and our homeowners enjoy low bills and year-round comfort. I think everybody is winning,” he said. “We hear positive feedback, but the biggest thing for me as a developer is I don’t have any negative feedback — people are six times more likely to complain than to compliment. The loudest voice is that no one is complaining.”

For Leo and Debbie Cortjens the only complaint is silence.

“The first thing we noticed was how quiet everything was — how well insulated our home was,” he said. “Even when we’re inside you can’t hear from one room to the next. We had to install another doorbell so we could hear it.”

Insulation is just a piece of the Right Choice program, which starts with engineering and design to ensure energy efficiency and comfort. Testing throughout the building process builds in quality that is certified for comfort and energy efficiency. Each Right Choice home also qualifies for Jackson EMC’s Energy Advantage Rate for the life of the home, the lowest residential rate available. “The builders believe in the product, and we believe in building good products we can be proud of — a solid house for our customers. The Right Choice program helps us do that,” Radamacher said. “I didn’t know what Right Choice meant, I thought it was just a marketing term, but it actually works,” Cortjens said. “I’d tell anyone buying a home, if you have a choice, I would definitely get Right Choice. We have been extremely pleased with everything.”

Each Right Choice Home is...

Designed By Engineers. Before construction begins, an analysis targets the plan’s construction features to calculate properly sized heating and air conditioning installation design to achieve maximum efficiency levels.

Tested For Home Performance to prove energy efficient construction is working. Not only do Right Choice Homes adhere to high construction standards, but independent thirdparty testing confirms the efficiency of the building envelope and equipment efficiency levels.

Certified with a one-year comfort warranty and a three-year energy usage warranty for the heating and cooling system.

Billed At The Energy Advantage Rate designed to save the homeowner approximately five percent on their annual energy bill for the life of the home. Ex. If the average monthly bill is $200; the savings would be $120 per year.

EMC Security Home Automation is added by some developments for convenience and safety. These features allow homeowners to arm their security system, control lighting, lock doors and change thermostat settings remotely.