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Safe & Secure

According to the FBI, Georgia is ninth on the list of states with the highest rates of property crime. Nationwide, a property crime occurs every 4 seconds and a burglary occurs every 16 seconds. Yet, only 25 percent of homes are equipped with a security system.

Jackson EMC members have access to state-of-the-art security protection through EMC Security, a company jointly owned by Walton EMC, GreyStone Power and Jackson EMC. Customize the security plan that works for you and your family and never sign a contract for service. Call 770-963-0305 to learn more about EMC Security’s security solution and schedule a free on-site consultation.

Residential Security Monitoring

EMC Security provides residential security monitoring services to provide homeowners peace of mind while they’re home and away. These services start at $16.95 per month and provide the state’s only redundant monitoring service. “I received a call at 3:15 on a Saturday afternoon from EMC Security. They told me the alarm was going off at home. They said they were going to send the police by to check it out. I’m glad they did. The police caught two people that broke in. I never would have thought someone would break into my home in the middle of the day on a Saturday. I’m glad I had the system turned on.” – Athens, GA

Fire Alarm Monitoring Service

EMC Security provides 24-hour fire monitoring services for no additional monthly cost. “I can’t tell you how grateful I am that we had the fire alarm system put in. The fire in our laundry room happened when my husband and I were at work. We live on a quiet street, so I know the fire monitoring saved my home, and more importantly my dog, Jesse.” – Loganville, GA

Connected Services

EMC Security offers the most advanced home technology available. Use your smartphone to arm and disarm your security system, control your thermostat, lock doors or control your lights. “We got our security system so we could travel in retirement without worrying about our home. On our first trip, we forgot to turn the system on. The folks at EMC Security told us about the app that we could use to turn the system on. We are believers now. We ended up having the time of our life and didn’t worry at all about our home since we knew it was protected.” – Lawrenceville, GA

Medical Alert

With an EMC Medical Alert System, elderly and disabled loved ones can live independently and safely. It is the smallest, and most powerful, two-way communication device on the market. “My husband fell out of the shower at our home and was unable to pick himself up off the floor. He activated his pendant and was immediately speaking to an operator who dispatched assistance and stayed on the line with him until they arrived. They found blood clots in my husband’s legs. Our medical device and EMC Security’s quick dispatch may have saved his life.” – Hoschton, GA

Vehicle and Asset Tracking

This vehicle tracking service allows our customers to help keep young drivers safe and help keep track of important items like boats, trailers and other portable devices. The connected service product provides immediate vehicle or asset location, a detailed history of where a vehicle has been, speeding alerts and will alert if vehicles or assets are leaving a designated area. “My daughter recently received her driver’s license, and like any concerned parent, we wanted to know where she was and that she was safe. I installed the device in minutes, and it provides great peace of mind.” – Sugar Hill, GA

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