13:36 PM

Save Energy and Money with Right Choice™ New Homes

Chandler Todd was looking for his first home when he learned more about Jackson EMC’s Right Choice™ new home program. Soon after moving in his new home, he quickly noticed a difference in his electric bill.

“When I got my first Jackson EMC bill, I really couldn’t believe how low it was,” Chandler said. “I had come from [an apartment] that was smaller, and my bill was higher than it is here.”

Right Choice homes, like Chandler's, are built for energy efficiency, improved indoor air quality and comfort. For a home to be certified as a Right Choice home, it must meet stringent criteria set by Jackson EMC for energy efficient construction.

Jackson EMC’s lowest residential electric rate is part of the Right Choice new home program, saving homeowners an average of 5% on energy costs for the life of the home.

Right Choice homes also come with a three-year energy warranty that guarantees a Right Choice home’s heating and cooling energy costs will be below a specified amount each year.

To view subdivisions featuring Right Choice™ new homes, visit jacksonemc.com/rightchoice