15:05 PM

Things to Consider When Buying a Home Security System

Considering your options for home security? When it comes to protecting your home, EMC Security offers some questions to ask as you evaluate your options.

  • Is the System Professionally Monitored? With round-the-clock monitoring, if there's an emergency, the alarm will send an alert to EMC Security so both you and emergency responders can be immediately notified. 
  • What Hazards Does the System Monitor? Besides a home intrusion or emergency, home security systems can be equipped with technology to monitor for hazards like fires, carbon monoxide and water leaks. 
  • What Happens if the System Malfunctions? If your security system isn’t working properly, a repair may be needed. With EMC Security, technicians can be dispatched to troubleshoot your system, and in some cases, issues may be fixed remotely. 
  • Does it Include Smart Home Devices? Smart home technology can include a wide range of devices – from smart locks and thermostats to video doorbells and cameras. When evaluating options for a home security system, consider an EMC Security system that allows you to use an app to control your smart home technology and home security system.

Have more questions about home security? Contact EMC security at 770-963-0305 or visit emcsecurity.com.