12:32 PM

Share Your Recipes with Fellow Members

Did you know the recipe featured in each issue of JEMCO News was submitted by a Jackson EMC member?

That’s right. For years, we’ve heard how much you like the recipes in JEMCO News – and you can be part of this tradition, too.

You can submit your favorite recipes to share with members in JEMCO News. Each month, we take recipes submitted by members and try them ourselves. A winner is selected and given a prize package with kitchen goodies and gadgets.

This year, the prize package includes a popular pressure cooker, hand-held blender and other kitchen items from Jackson EMC.

Jackson EMC has a long history of sharing cooking ideas. When we began serving electricity in 1938, members didn’t know how to prepare food with electricity. So, employees of the cooperative taught members how to use this resource in their kitchens. That tradition continues today with members sharing their favorite recipes with fellow members. We also keep archives of recipes online at news.jacksonemc.com.


Send us your recipes, with your name, address and daytime phone number to: Cooperative Cooking, Jackson EMC, P.O. Box 38, Jefferson, GA 30549, or send an email to JEMCO News editor Kerri Testement at [email protected].