08:35 AM

Shift Energy Use to Save in the Summer


Could you shift when you cool your home, do laundry or wash your dishes in the summer? If so, Jackson EMC’s Time-of-Use rate may be an option allowing you to benefit from a lower rate all year.

How does it work? During summer (June 1 to September 15), your rate is lower on weekends, nights and mornings. During peak hours (3 to 8 p.m. on weekdays) when electricity is most expensive, your rate is higher for using electricity. In the fall, winter and spring, you’ll pay a low, flat residential rate – regardless of when or how much electricity you use. 

Time-of-Use is an option for members who can significantly shift when they use electricity during the summer, especially using their air conditioner, washer and dryer, and dishwasher. Sign up by May 1 by calling 1-800-462-3691 or visiting your local Jackson EMC office.

For more information about Time-of-Use rate, visit jacksonemc.com/time-of-use.