18:00 PM

Smart Connections: Budget Billing

Do you have trouble budgeting each month with a fluctuating electric bill? Jackson EMC’s Budget Billing may be the solution for you.

This plan lets members level their monthly power costs over a 12-month period to level out the summer and winter energy usage peaks from seasonal temperature changes. The plan works by averaging the current month and last 11 months of electric use, which will be your monthly bill payment amount. On the anniversary of the date you signed up for Budget Billing, your average will be recalculated to determine your new amount. An increase could be caused by an unusually cold winter or hot summer or the addition of appliances or a swimming pool; a decrease could be caused by milder weather, the installation of a new heat pump or energy efficiency improvements such as the addition of insulation.

To qualify, members:

  • Have lived at their current address for at least a year
  • Plan to live at their current address for at least a year
  • Have a zero balance on their account
  • Have a single meter that is wired for their individual use
  • Have an established good payment record

To find out more, call your local Jackson EMC office or email [email protected]