18:00 PM

Smart Connections: Thank a Lineman

If your appliances are operating, your lights brighten the room when you flip a switch, and your power tools are charged and ready for the task—it’s likely you have an electric line worker to thank.

Linemen play a crucial role every day to keep your power on, although their work is noticed most in times of crisis, like when an ice storm downs electric lines or a tornado cripples the power system. At times like these, when the lights go out, so do Jackson EMC’s line workers.

To honor those who keep the electric system up and running, April is celebrated as Linemen Appreciation Month by Georgia’s electric utilities, including Jackson EMC. We salute the highly-skilled and brave personnel who build and maintain our power system through routine days and during treacherous weather events that present dangerous jobs and hazardous working conditions.

At Jackson EMC, 119 line workers maintain 13,845 miles of power lines throughout 10 Northeast Georgia counties that comprise our service territory.

To thank these brave workers for all they do, Jackson EMC will devote the week of April 10 to honoring them and their often-heroic efforts.