09:11 AM

Teach Kids About a Home Security System

A home security system provides your family with additional protection in the event of an emergency. As children get older and can stay at home by themselves for longer periods of time, it may be time to teach them about using a home security system.

Below are some tips to keep in mind when making home security protection a family affair:

  • Review your home's access points, such as doors and windows. Discuss how an alarm system is activated and what happens if the system is triggered.
  • Consider using a mobile security app for additional peace of mind and convenience. With a mobile app, you're able to view, arm and disarm the security system from anywhere. 
  • Role play so they can respond properly. Set times to perform practice drills and review security measures for various scenarios, like a fire. This is a great time to teach children what to do in the event of a false alarm.
  • Provide hands-on instruction to turn the system on and off. Review the password and talk about the importance of keeping it secure by not telling others. This is particularly important if your child has friends over while you're not at home. To be on the safe side, consider changing the password periodically.

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