11:38 AM

Thank a Lineman: Share Your Stories, Comments

Linemen play a crucial role to keep electricity flowing to homes and businesses. Although their work is important 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, linemen are noticed most when storms affect the power distribution system. In times like these, when the lights go out, so do Jackson EMC’s linemen.

In April, utilities and their customers across the U.S. pay tribute to these highly-skilled professionals by showing their appreciation for linemen.Jackson EMC members are encouraged to show their appreciation for linemen by using the hashtags #ThankALineman and #JacksonEMC this month on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Members can also share their appreciation for linemen by sending an email to [email protected], calling 1-800-462-3691, or sending a letter to Jackson EMC at P.O. Box 100, Jefferson, GA 30549.

We’ll share your comments or stories with our linemen.