18:30 PM

The Grinch did not Steal Christmas

(back row, right) Brenda Medrano, contact center bilingual representative, with members of Ms. Eubanks’ 2nd grade class at Commerce Elementary School enjoying Grinch face paintings

By her own description, Brenda Medrano may not be the June Cleaver-type mother, but the contact center bilingual representative and Commerce Elementary School volunteer helped students celebrate Christmas in style when she did Grinch face paintings as part of her son’s holiday party.

The mother of two, college student and community volunteer is extremely creative, crafty and giving of her time and talents. Brenda sings, makes crafts, jewelry, woodwork and face paints, to name a few of her favorite hobbies she shares with her children, their classmates and others.

Like most parents, Brenda received a flyer telling parents about upcoming school activities and ways they could volunteer. When face painting was on her son’s list, knowing her family’s love for the Grinch, there was no doubt what Brenda would volunteer to do.

“Face painting makes Brandon, my nine year old son, happy and he loves the Grinch,” Brenda says. “Being busy and wearing multiple hats, I look for creative ways to spend quality time with my children, especially with Brandon because he has autism.”

Health issues run in her family and are not new to Brenda. One of her older brothers suffers from epilepsy. “God blessed me with family members who’ve been diagnosed with such diseases as these; I think it makes me who I am,” Brenda added. She says she was taught to work with what she has and that’s what she’s doing – sharing her time and talents.

To learn more about autism, visit www.austismspeaks.org.