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There's a Medical Alert System to Fit Your Family

Protecting the safety while ensuring the independence of you or your loved one just got easier, thanks to EMC Security. Our newest EMC Medical Alert products promise on-the-spot communications whether you’re inside your home or in the backyard – and whether your primary telephone is a landline or a mobile device.

“We now offer three EMC Medical Alert Systems to fit every family member’s needs and budget,” says Ralph Collier, PERS product manager with EMC Security.

While EMC Security has been your area’s affordable and dependable home security provider for 15 years, it’s now making a name for itself in the emergency alert industry as well. And now there are even more reasons to trust your safety to this locally owned and operated provider whose Medical Alert systems include:

Home System: Featuring a pendant with a range up to 600 feet, this system is perfect for individuals who spend most of their time at home and want to remain independent. A base station centrally located in the home provides communication with our local monitoring center.

Home and Yard System: With the smallest and most powerful two-way voice pendant available, the EMC Medical Alert System doesn’t depend on a plugged-in base station, enabling the wearer to speak to emergency personnel through the pendant from inside the home or in the yard. The two-way pendant provides optimum range, is waterproof and gives an extra layer of protection to enhance independence while tending the flower garden, checking the mail or visiting with neighbors at the fence. While other medical alert systems require you to be within range of a base station – leaving you to hope someone hears when you call out for help from another room – this system provides voice-to-voice contact on the spot through the pendant.

Cellular Home Systems: No phone line? No problem. A cellular version of our Home System is now available. This brand new EMC Medical Alert system operates over the AT&T wireless network and does not require a standard landline phone.

When an EMC Medical Alert System subscriber activates the pendant, a highly-trained operator at EMC Security’s 24-hour monitoring center in Suwanee is ready to assist. The only fullyredundant monitoring system in Georgia, EMC Security’s monitoring center is 5-Diamond rated and exceeds Underwriter Laboratory standards.

“Since we’re a cooperative, we are member-owned and locally operated,” says Collier. “Our operators live in your neighborhoods and provide voice-to-voice contact at any hour to dispatch emergency medical services, contact a friend or family member, or both.”

In the past year, EMC Security assisted dozens of members in life-threatening emergencies, including some who call the company to express gratitude.

“One man was having a problem with his legs, pushed the button on the pendant, an ambulance came and he found out he had blood clots that could have done extreme damage if not caught in time,” says Collier. “His wife called to thank us for saving his life.”

While it’s called Medical Alert, the emergency pendant is much more. No matter what the emergency, the EMC Medical Alert System is on call, whether you suspect an intruder or you smell smoke and fear there’s fire.

A 93-year-old customer who lives alone credits the EMC Medical Alert System with providing her reassurance when she heard strange noises and feared the worst.

She called an operator who stayed on the line with her while she checked out the noise,” says Collier. “Her son says the pendant gives her confidence to continue living by herself and gives him peace of mind knowing that if something happens, his mother can get help right away.”

To learn more, visit www.emcsecurity.com or call 770-963-0305.