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Together, We're a Cooperative

Jackson EMC is an electric cooperative. In fact, we’re one of more than 900 electric co-ops in the U.S. serving more than 42 million people.

As a cooperative, it’s our mission to serve our members and our community. So, what’s a cooperative?

Cooperatives are formed to meet a common need that serves their members, who are also owners of the co-op. More than 80 years ago, residents and business leaders came together to bring electricity to our area by establishing Jackson EMC. Besides providing electricity, there are also co-ops that provide insurance, financial services, groceries and retail products.


Jackson EMC members benefit from being a member of a co-op by receiving a portion of the profits each year through margin refund checks.

Cooperatives return any excess revenue to their members in proportion to how much of the co-op’s services they used. Since 1938, Jackson EMC has returned $135 million in margin refunds to our members.




Our members demonstrate concern for community by rounding up their power bills to the next dollar with the extra change funding charitable grants provided by the Jackson EMC Foundation.

Since its inception in 2005, the Jackson EMC Foundation has distributed more than $14 million in Operation Round Up funds to organizations and individuals in need.




Education, Training and Information is one of the principles followed by cooperatives.

Through school visits, Jackson EMC employees educate students about electrical safety and careers in electric co-ops. Our members can learn how to save energy by reading JEMCO News or visiting our website (jacksonemc.com).




In communities across America, electric co-ops are economic engines that supply energy and provide jobs.

Jackson EMC actively supports economic development in our community and partners with local businesses to maximize their energy efficiency.




Cooperatives are led by its members, who have a voice in the management of the co-op.

One of the ways members can participate in the cooperative is by attending Jackson EMC’s Annual Meeting, which provides information about business operations.




Across the country, electric cooperatives work together to learn from each other and develop new technologies.

Whether it’s providing reliable power or restoring power after a storm, electric co-ops often work alongside other co-ops to serve their communities. Jackson EMC is the largest of 41 electric membership corporations (called EMCs) in Georgia and collaborates with other cooperatives in the state to provide power generation and transmission to economic development.