18:00 PM

Toys for All the Girls and Boys

Representing Jackson EMC: (from left) Claudia Rubio, bilingual customer service representative (CSR); Mary Howell, CSR and Lynn Greene, operations clerk; with Linda Foster, executive director of Jackson County Family Connection.

Jackson EMC employees have long supported the annual Jackson County Family Connection Christmas program, and this year, a team of ladies joined forces and spearheaded a toy drive for the county’s Holiday Connection Toy Store.

Jefferson and corporate employees Ganella Bolden, department/district secretary; Lynn Greene, operations clerk; Mary Howell, CSR; Sherri Ring, engineering and operations department secretary; Claudia Rubio, bilingual customer service representative (CSR); and Kay Parks, public/community relations representative delivered the collected gifts to the holiday store.

“This was an extremely busy season and we got a late start, but we still collected more than $500 worth of toys, family activities and educational supplies for children and families of Jackson County,” said Bolden. “We had a truckload of toys that we delivered,” added Howell. “My truck was literally loaded.”

Christy Queen, marketing resource specialist and Family Connection board chairman said, “It’s hard to imagine that there are families who don’t know how or if their children will have Christmas presents,” said Queen. “Knowing that we’re helping families by participating in programs like this is what makes the holiday season and this organization special.”

Members of the community delivered collected gifts to Jackson Creative where donations are kept, sorted and staged for the makeshift store. Once all is ready, needy families visit the store to fulfill the Christmas wishes of their children.

Executive Director Linda Foster said this year’s Christmas campaign served 490 families, 657 children were sponsored and 572 children were shopped for in the store. “Each parent could get at least two toys (or a bike), stocking stuffers, socks, under garments, a stocking cap and gloves per child, as well as hygiene products, school supplies and gently used clothing,” she said.

Jackson County Family Connection is a collaborative organization that works with businesses, agencies, schools and other individuals for the betterment of children and families in Jackson County. To get involved, visit www.jcfamilyconnection.com