15:49 PM

Tradition in the Community and on the Court

Since 2007 Jackson EMC has proudly sponsored the annual Lanierland Tournament in Hall County. Having started more than a half-a-century ago, the basketball invitational is the longest running tournament in Georgia.

“I know it may sound cliché, but there’s many similarities between this tournament and Jackson EMC,” said Lee Chapman, director of commercial and industrial marketing.

He said there was a need for the tournament in the beginning, much like the need for rural electricity. Typically drawing approximately 7,000 spectators to the three-day event now, the tournament started with humble beginnings and was formed out of necessity. The four county schools, at that time, wanted a tournament to participate in that didn’t require travel.

He added the tournament has grown through the years, including the number of schools, students and patrons. Now double in size, he compared it to the cooperative and how he’s seen the same happen during his tenure with the company.

“Sixteen programs from eight schools participated in this year’s county-exclusive event, and Jackson EMC is proud to be a part of this longstanding community program that reaches the entire county,” added David Lee, senior district commercial and industrial marketing representative.

“At Jackson EMC, we work to achieve a balance between products and services to help our members achieve their best,” Chapman said. “This tournament does the same for the players, schools and community on its court.”