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Video Doorbells

Do you want to know what goes on at home while you're away? Want to make sure your kids got home from school safely? If so, EMC Security can help.

Video doorbells available at EMC Security allow you the immediacy of being at home, even when you’re miles away. You can see, hear and speak to anyone at your door whether you are in your kitchen or across town.

“Video doorbells are extremely popular,” says EMC Security President Vince Raia. “Consumers love them because they are easy to install, provide instant mobile alerts and two-way talk, and allow homeowners to keep watch on visitors at their door – welcome or unwelcome. Adding a video doorbell camera gives you greater control, convenience and safety.”

Video doorbells connect via wi-fi and operate through a smartphone app that can be customized to best meet your needs. Once the camera picks up motion, it instantly sends the recorded video clip to your phone, allowing you to see and talk to the person in real-time.

The Skybell® video doorbell integrates with the Honeywell Total Connect app to control the doorbell camera, security system and other features such as locks, lights and thermostat. Video doorbells complement a variety of security camera options to suit all residential needs.

For more information and to view a video about choosing the best security camera for your home, visit www.emcsecurity.com/security-cameras or call (770) 963-0305.

Don't Get Stuck By the Scam

Jackson EMC members have reported that persons posing as employees of EMC Security have visited their homes in an effort to secure a home security contract with another company. Don’t fall for it. EMC Security reminds you of these tips to prevent from being scammed:

  1. We’ll never send anyone to your home without an appointment.

  2. If a visitor represents himself as our employee, just call us. We’ll verify if he or she is one of our security professionals.

  3. Never sign anything from an unsolicited visitor posing as an EMC Security representative. They may try to get you to sign what they call a work order or agreement, but it could be a multi-year contract with another security company.

  4. EMC Security will not require you to sign a contract. We will continue to offer our security services at economical monthly rates starting at $16.95.