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View Your Energy Use

Want to learn more about your energy use? View your energy use with the tools on MyJacksonEMC, a website and mobile app for Jackson EMC members.

The tools in MyJacksonEMC allow you to compare your energy use to daily weather temperatures. Typically, you’ll use more energy to heat or cool your home when weather temperatures are extremely low or high.

Use the energy use tools in MyJacksonEMC to view your energy use by the hour, day, month or specific date ranges. You can also view your energy use by billing or time periods.

To get started with the energy use tools in MyJacksonEMC, be sure to sign up for a MyJacksonEMC account on the website (MyJacksonEMC.com) or by downloading the MyJacksonEMC mobile app on the App Store or Google Play.

On the MyJacksonEMC website, the energy use tools can be found under the “My Usage” section. On the mobile app, the energy use tools are accessible when you tap the “Usage” icon. To access the most options and features of the energy use tools, visit the MyJacksonEMC website on a desktop computer or laptop.