18:00 PM

Ways to Save: Cool Cooking Tips

As temperatures heat up, no one wants to spend time standing over a hot stove. Use these tips to cut time, and electricity in the kitchen:

  • Nuke it! Microwaves are good for more than popcorn. Use this energy saver to steam veggies, heat soups and even cook casseroles.
  • Unplug the extra fridge. Unplugging the extra refrigerator or freezer at your home can save hundreds of dollars in just a few years.
  • Don't forget your slow cooker. Or your toaster oven, or griddle. Putting small appliances to work more often can mean significant energy savings.
  • Double up. If possible, prepare double portions of your meal and cook them together. Freeze the extra for later. It takes a lot less energy to reheat food than to cook it twice. Using a microwave can use as much as 80% less energy when reheating than a standard oven.

Check out this month’s recipe and cook dinner on the grill. Send in your best salad recipe next month, and avoid the heat altogether.