15:04 PM

Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Warmer weather is on the horizon. Cooling your home during the spring and summer can make up a large portion of your energy costs. With many people at home now, being smart about saving energy can help you save on your monthly bill, too. Stay cool and save energy with these no-cost tips:

  • Keep blinds and curtains closed. During the summer, heat from the sun can warm up your house faster when blinds and curtains are open. Closing your blinds and curtains can act like a layer of insultation to reduce heat in your home.
  • Set your thermostat to 78 degrees. Using a programmable or smart thermostat will also help you save energy.
  • Unplug devices or appliances not in use. When devices or appliances are plugged into an outlet, but turned off or in standby mode, they can still consume electricity. Unplug those appliances or devices to save energy.
  • Run fans counterclockwise in the summer. Running fans counterclockwise in the summer will circulate cooler air. When no one is in a room, turn fans off to save energy.