10:02 AM

Ways to Save: Summer Rates Now in Effect

When temperatures rise in the summer, the demand for electricity to keep homes and businesses comfortable also rises, along with costs for providers to generate electricity.

But, for Jackson EMC members, the cost of electricity in the summer  is among the lowest in the state, according to the Georgia Public Service Commission’s residential rate survey.

Out of 94 electric providers in the state, Jackson EMC’s standard residential summer rate last year ranked 19th lowest for  members using 1,500 kWh a month.

Summer Rates


First 650 kWh: 8.81¢ per kWh

Next 350 kWh: 11.06¢ per kWh

Over 1000 kWh: 11.66¢ per kWh


To help lower your monthly bill this summer, reduce the amount of energy you use by following the tips available at jacksonemc.com/waystosave.