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What Causes Power Outages?

Jackson EMC provides reliable, uninterrupted electrical power to our members. But sometimes, storms, vehicle accidents –and even squirrels – can cause a power outage.

Jackson EMC monitors our distribution system 24/7 for potential disruptions. When needed, these crews work to restore outages as quickly as conditions and safety procedures allow. State-of-the-art technology also enables us to spot outages remotely and dispatch crews if needed. When outages occur, they’re more likely to be the result of one of these common causes.

  • Weather: Mother Nature can be a tough opponent. Severe weather—like thunderstorms and tropical storms—can cause tree limbs to fall on power lines, resulting in a power outage. Winter storms that cause ice or snow to accumulate on power lines can also result in an interruption of service.
  • Lightning: Poles, wires, transformers and other electrical equipment are easy targets for lightning strikes, causing severe damage and power outages. Lightning may also strike trees, causing limbs or large trees to fall onto power lines.
  • Animals: Animals, especially squirrels,can cause power to fail when they come in contact with specific parts of our electrical system. When a critter contacts this equipment, it creates an abnormal current that can disrupt the flow of power to your home or business. We use guards and barriers to protect sensitive power equipment, however,some critters still find a way to cause damage.
  • Equipment failure: We proactively service and update our equipment to ensure it's in working order, but sometimes equipment failures occur across our distribution system. Jackson EMC has more than14,000 miles of energized power lines in 10 counties.We also maintain 81 substations. When an outage occurs,crews are dispatched to repair or replace affected equipment as quickly as conditions and safety procedures allow.
  • Trees: Trees falling on power lines or tree limbs coming in contact with power lines are a cause of power outages or brief disruptions that cause power to flicker. Jackson EMC works throughout the year to clear trees and vegetation to reduce these types of outages.
  • Vehicles: Unfortunately, power outages can occur when vehicles crash into a utility pole. A broken or damaged pole can cause power lines to fall or damage other electrical equipment. On average, it takes crews four hours to replace a broken pole. 

To view or report an outage, contact Jackson EMC by visiting outage.jacksonemc.com, calling 1-800-245-4044 or by using the MyJacksonEMC mobile app.