11:33 AM

What Will You Do With Your Savings?

Along with higher temperatures, summer can typically bring higher bills. The cost to generate power is higher during the summer, and members typically use more electricity during the summer months than the rest of the year to keep the air inside their homes cool. Fortunately, Jackson EMC members enjoy competitive rates all year long. 

Out of 89 utilities surveyed, Jackson EMC's rates were among the 20 lowest summer rates in the state. The 2021 residential rate survey was based on members using 1,500 kWh a month, which is comparable to the average monthly energy consumption of a Jackson EMC residential member in the summer. The survey was conducted by the Georgia Public Service Commission. According to the survey, Jackson EMC members pay $16.61 less on their electric bill per month when compared to the statewide average.

So, what could you do with that extra savings each month this summer? 

  • 1 ticket to a movie
  • 2 banana spilt sundaes
  • 3 daily park passes to Georgia state parks
  • 1 month subscription to streaming service
  • 5 snow cones
  • 5 cookies & cream milkshakes
  • 3 games of bowling
  • 1 large pizza
  • 16 pool noodles
  • 2 tickets to the Northeast Georgia History Museum