09:17 AM

Who Owns What?

Jackson EMC-Owned Equipment Vs. Member-Owned Equipment

Getting electricity to your home or business is a partnership. Jackson EMC supplies the wires that connect to your building and you’re responsible for the elements that bring the power inside. This may be important if equipment is damaged during a storm.

The member is responsible for repairs to the weather head, mast, meter base, wires inside these devices or wires inside the building.

Electric meters are the property of Jackson EMC. Removing the meter with current flowing through it can lead to an electrical hazard. Only Jackson EMC employees should remove or relocate a meter. 

This graphic shows who is responsible for the parts of overhead and underground services. Equipment owned by Jackson EMC is shown in gold and owned by the member in blue.

Click here to download a full-page copy of this graphic.

Note: This graphic depicts overhead and underground service. Please be aware of which type of service you receive at your home or business.