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Member Resources

Jackson EMC doesn’t have customers; we have members. If you receive power from Jackson EMC, you are a member-owner of this cooperative. In addition to receiving margin refunds and having a say in the management of the cooperative, you have access to services you may not be aware of.

Members over age 62 with a household income less than $15,930 can recieve a $12.50 credit on their monthly bill. Low-interest loans up to $5,500 can assist members in completing energy efficient improvements or replacing broken HVAC systems. Learn more about payment plans and assistance  and loans.

Surge protection is available for motor-driven appliances, such as HVAC units, refrigerators, garage door openers and water heaters. High-quality plug-in surge protectors are available as well for $17-$88. Learn more about surge protection.

Members interested in adding monitored security service from EMC Security to their homes or businesses can add the charges to their monthly electric bill. Learn more about EMC Security.

View your daily, weekly and monthly energy use through your online account. Learn more about My Energy Use.

Budget billing levels out the seasonal peaks of electricity use and members pay an average of their annual consumption each month. Learn more about budget billing.

Through our partnership with filterchange.coop you can have the right-sized filters delivered to your door at the lowest price. You can also get email reminders when it is time to check them. Learn more about our filter delivery partner.

Rebates save you money if you need to replace your heat pump or water heater. Learn more rebates.


Learn more about these benefits at www.jacksonemc.com, which is a huge member resource. Online, members can: